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Shops & Other Services

Automated Teller Machine
An automated teller machine is located across from the public elevators on the main floor.

The $1.50 service charge for your transaction is a donation to the hospital.

Crutches, Canes and Walkers
If walking aides are required you will be given information on how to rent or purchase them.

Hair Care Beauty Salon
The unisex salon located in Concordia Place is open to patients of Concordia Hospital and offers cuts, colours, highlights, styling and perms. All services are provided at a reasonable rate.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

To book an appointment call 204-661-7207 (external) or 7207 (internal).

Lost & Found
Please see Security Services. To enquire about a lost item, please call 204-661-7229 or visit the Security Office.

Security Services
For your safety, cameras are located throughout Concordia and Security personnel patrol the buildings and grounds 24 hours per day.

Phone: 204-661-7229, 24 hours a day

Staxis & Wheelchairs

Staxi Chairs
Staxis are transport chairs available for outpatients and visitors who need assistance travelling to and from appointments at Concordia. They are for adult use only (age 12 and up). The chairs require another adult to push you. Please have a family member or friend accompany you if you need to use a Staxi.

Please return the Staxi chair to the front lobby when leaving the hospital.

Wheelchairs are available for use while you are in the hospital, and to get you to the front entrance when you are discharged. Please do not remove wheelchairs from Concordia. If you think you may need a wheelchair once you are home, your health care team can make those arrangements with you as part of your discharge plan.